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Military Housing In Houston Texas And Where To Stay

U.S. Army celebrates 247th birthday at Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston

The state of Texasis home to many military bases and installations for the Army, Navy and CoastGuard, and that has created a huge demand for quality, long-term housing inareas near those locations.

On top of that,thousands of people start relocating to Houston,Texas every year to start or continue their careers at the UnitedStates Coast Guard Air Station, which is also sometimes called Ellington Field.This is where people dive careers in search and rescue operations, homelandsecurity operations, fishery and local environmental protection, and maritimelaw enforcement.

The USCG AirStation Houston has a mix of active duty and civilian personnel as well asauxiliary members serving in different positions. The base is located a short15 miles from downtown Houston, which opens up a lot of great options formilitary personnel who are looking for temporary housing.

Military Housing Options In Houston Texas

Similar to othermilitary installations and bases, USCG Air Station Houston has multiple housingoptions available to its members. These options depend on ones rank and familysituation.

However, unlikesome branches of the military, like the Army, Navy and Marines, there is noon-base housing available at Ellington Field. Instead, members and theirfamilies must live in off-base apartments or single-family homes.

All enlistedmilitary personnel at USCG Houston will be provided housing in the form of BAH,or Basic Allowance for Housing. A members BAH is meant to pay for theirhousing, whether it is monthly rent or towards monthly mortgage payments. Theamount of BAH a member will receive depends on the cost of living in thelocation where they are stationed, their rank, and whether they are single ormarried with children.

At Residology, we offer many different housing solutions in Houston, so military personnel can take advantage of our extended stay options in fully furnished apartments.

Why are theseextended stays becoming such a popular option for people in the military?

The Houston realestate market is an extremely competitive environment. As a result, manyservicemen and women have to option for renting instead of owning. Or they haveto rent for a while until they know theyll be stationed here long enough forbuying to make sense.

Joint Base San Antonio

As part of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission in 2005, it was recommended that Fort Sam Army Base, Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base and 8 other operating locations combine to create Joint Base San Antonio . This was a large merge, creating the largest joint base in the country. It services more Department of Defense students than any other facility. It also has more active runways, is home to the only level one trauma center in the DoD, and supports more than 250,000 personnel. In 2013, command decided to inactivate the 502nd, 802nd, and 902nd mission support groups and created the 502nd Force Support Group, the 502nd Installation Support Group and the 502nd Security Forces and Logistics Support Group respectively. These three groups work to provide unrivaled installation support and service to all JBSA locations.

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Th Air Support Operations Squadron

The 147th Air Support Operations Squadron operates out of Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base. Located in Houston, Texas, the mission of the 147th Air Support Operations Squadron includes the Remotely Piloted Aircraft mission, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal mission, and the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance mission.

Camp Bullis Army Base

Vintage World War II photos show Texas military base preparing for war ...

Camp Bullis is a United States Army training site located just northwest of San Antonio. Spanning almost 28,000 acres, it houses an urban assault course, a live-fire shooting house and a Combined Arms Collective Training Facility. Camp Bullis, along with Camp Stanley, make up the Leon Springs Military Reservation. It serves as home base for medical field training at the Brooke Army Medical Center. In addition to the medical training, the site also provides maneuver areas for the Air Force, Army and Marine combat training.

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Fort Sam Houston Garrison

Fort Sam has a population of about 27,000 military and civilian personnel. The total payroll budget for operating the base is $2bn annually. Fort Sam hosts the US Army Installation Management Command elements and the US Army Medical Command elements which include US Army Dental Command , US Army Veterinary Command , the Southern Regional Medical Command and Brooke Army Medical Center .

The other garrison at the base includes the US Army Medical Department Center and School with 32nd Medical Brigade and NCO Academy Medical Information and Technology Center , MEDCOM Band, Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute the US Army Forces Command elements, the US Army Recruiting Command elements, Military Entrance Processing Command the US Army Criminal Investigation Command US Army Intelligence and Security Command elements and the US Army Network Enterprise & Technology Command.

Fort Sam Houston Texas


Medical training and support base


27,000 military and civilian personnel


American Civil War, World War II


Medical Education and Training Campus complex, two barracks, three dormitories


Fort Sam Houston is a US Army base located in San Antonio, Texas. The army post is named after Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas, an independent state, from 1836 and 1846. Fort Sam is the largest military medical training facility in the world and also the headquarters of the US Army Medical Command .

The base serves as the command headquarters of the US Army North and the US Army South. It also administers the US Navy Regional Recruiting, Fifth Recruiting Brigade and Bethesda Detachment. The base also houses the US Naval School of Health Sciences, the San Antonio Military Entrance and Processing Station, and the Army Medical Department Center and School.

The facilities at the Medical Education and Training Campus at the Fort Sam base were expanded recently to consolidate the enlisted medical training services of the army, air force and navy.

The joint campus is the first and largest of its kind in the history of the Department of Defense.

Led by tri-service leadership, construction of the campus was started in July 2008 and completed in September 2011.

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Army Base In San Antonio Texas

Lackland Air Force Base

14 Fort Hood soldiers fired, suspended over violence at base

Lackland Air Force Base is an installation belonging to Joint Base San Antonio. It is best known as the only Air force Entry Processing Station for incoming recruits. The official mission of Lackland AFB is to motivate, train and inspire the next generation of Airmen with the foundation to deliver 21st Century Airpower. Every single person in the country who enlists in the US Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard will come through Lackland AFB. This is where all new recruits complete their Basic Military Training. Upon arrival, the trainees are assigned to one of six squadrons located on the base and over the course of 8 weeks train to become a distinguished member of the USAF.

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List Of Military Installations In Texas

This is a list of military installations in Texas, in the United States.

List of military installations in Texas

Installation name
Coast Guard Station San Luis Pass Galveston

Goodfellow Air Force Base

Goodfellow AFB is a non-flying base that focuses on teaching service members in cryptology and intelligence. The primary host unit is the 17th Training Wing whos mission is to train and inspire exceptional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and fire protection professionals to serve the United States in times of need. The 344th Military Intelligence Battalion joins them on base with a duty to educate soldiers and lead signals intelligence operations when called upon. The 344th has over 70 classes in session at any given time, graduating around 1,700 students each year. Although its under the command of the USAF, personnel from other branches including the Army, Navy and Marine Corps also train here on a regular basis.

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Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base

In Houston, we perform the Remotely Piloted Aircraft mission. This involves a variety of operations, including close air support, air interdiction, intelligence collection and quick strike capabilities with minimal danger to military personnel. Additional missions include Air Support Operations, Tactical Air Control Party, Engineering and Installation, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance .

Find The Best Place To Stay

Fort Sam Houston

At Residology, weoffer high-quality, fully furnished apartments inand around Houston, so military service personnel can easily findsome temporary lodgings that meet their needs.

Would you like tolive in the central, downtown area sometimes called inside the loop by thelocals? Maybe youd prefer to live closer to the Bay Area down south or up onthe north side where youll have access to the Woodlands Mall for some greatshopping or the Sheldon Lakes State Park for a great outdoors experience.

Whichever locationyou choose, there are a wide range of attractions and amenities that will makeyour stay in Houston a memorable one, especially when you combine them with thebenefits that come with our apartments. These include:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe and secure communities
  • A convenient, quick drive to and from base

Whetheryoure a new recruit reporting to USCG Air Base Houston as your first stationor youre a veteran active duty service member who is transferring here fromanother base, the Houston furnished apartments by Residology can help make youand your familys move and transition to the area quicker, smoother, and morecost-efficient.

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Us Military And The Texas Economy

Texas is a proud home to 15 military bases and installations serving all branches of the United States military. Glenn Hegar understands that these bases not only play a vital role in training our troops and defending our nation, but also provide a significant boost to our states economy.

The many projects that these bases undertake help bring jobs, investments and opportunities for healthcare, education and real estate to Texans across the state. In addition to investments brought to Texas, more retired military men and women make Texas their home after their years of service than any other state.


  • In many regions across Texas, military bases and installations are the largest civilian employer
  • 5% of state employees in Texas claimed eligibility for veteran preference


  • Texas school districts in military communities receive federal aid
  • 22,000 military veterans and their families received benefits through the states Hazelwood Act of 2011


  • The Veterans Land Board has approved over 200,00 housing loans for veterans


  • Texas businesses benefitted from over 27,000 defense contracts worth over $30 billion


  • Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene
  • Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, Houston
  • Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo
  • Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio
  • Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls

United States Army

  • Corpus Christi Army Depot, Corpus Christi
  • Fort Bliss, El Paso

About Houston Military Bases

Houston Military Bases are centers of military command where U.S. military personnel in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy reside, equipment is stored, training is conducted, and military operations are supported in Houston, TX. Bases consist of military owned and operated Houston facilities and infrastructure, and a Military Base functions much like a city, providing services and amenities common to civilian life.

You may contact a Military Base for questions about:

  • Houston Military Base facilities
  • Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy installations

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Naval Air Station Kingsville

NAS Kingsville located about 3 miles from its namesake. The base boasts a technologically advanced airport that deals primarily with military missions, regardless of their nature. Because its so far inland, personnel here are unable to support operations over water. That being said, it remains one of the primary training grounds for the US Navy. The general mission is to select and prepare professional pilots for the Navy, Marine Corps and other allied nations and NATO members. The base hosts seven units, including the Training Squadron 22 , Training Air Wing 2 and the Training Squadron 21.

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth

Video: More than 150 basic training graduates arrive at JBSA- Fort Sam Houston

NAS JRB Fort Worth was the first Joint Reserve Base established in the United States. Their overall mission is to give support and the highest quality training for our Reserve and Guard war fighters in all branches of the Armed Services. Training operations focus on training aviation ground support and the appropriate education of air crews. NAS JRB Fort Worth is home to around 40 separate commands and consists of more than 10,000 active duty service members, Guardsmen, Reservists and civilian workers.

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Sheppard Air Force Base

Sheppard AFB has been one of the premiere training bases for the United States Air Force for over eighty years. It is one of the largest facilities for the Air Education and Training Command . The base handles both flying missions, graduating over 80,000 pilots a year, and technical training, graduating more than 67,000 recruits a year. It is the host base to the 82nd Training Wing, the 80th Flying Training Wing and the Noncommissioned Office Academy. Together these units work to fulfill the base mission to recruit, train and education exception Airmen.

Nd Engineering Installation Squadron

The mission of the 272nd Engineering Installation Squadron is to provide for the engineering and installation of ground communication-electronics systems. This includes removal and relocation of old or outdated ground communication-electronics systems, and to provide for emergency and programmed, mobile, on-site, maintenance and modification of these systems.

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Laughlin Air Force Base

Located near Del Rio, Laughlin AFB is in the southwestern part of Texas. It runs the most pilot training operations of any base in the military, running more flights weekly than any other airfield in the United States. The 47th Flying Training Wing is the host unit here at Laughlin, supported by its mission support, medical and operations groups. Together they run a specialized undergraduate pilot training program utilized by the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and allied nations forces, training approximately 500 pilots a year. Training primarily takes place using T-6, T-38 and T-1A aircraft. Laughlin has one goal to build combat ready Airmen, leaders and pilots.

Map Of Texas Military Bases

Photos at Fort Sam Houston

The Lone Star state has a rich history and culture that is influenced by its diverse population. Texas military bases have been an integral part of the Texas landscape for centuries, with the first permanent base being established in 1837. You may be wondering where are they located? What do they specialize in? The answer to these questions can be found below!

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Camp Stanley Storage Activity Army Base

Also known as CSSA, Camp Stanley is charged with receiving and storing ordnance materials and ensuring the quality of weapons and ammunition testing for the US Military. It makes up half of the Leon Springs Military Reservation, with Camp Bullis making up the other half. CSSA occupies about 4,000 acres and provides more than 630,000 square feet of storage pace and testing areas. In addition to weapons training and qualifying tests performed here, it is also said to have been an arms depot handling untraceable weapons for the US Central Intelligence Agency .

Fort Sam Houston History

The US Army had been based in the City of San Antonio and Alamo City since 1845. Fort Sam was established in 1876 with the construction of a Quadrangle in a 92-acre site. Fort Sam served as the headquarters, garrison, medical support, training, logistics and mobilisation base. It was subsequently expanded with construction of additional facilities and is now spread over an area of about 3,000 acres.

The headquarters of Fort Sam controlled 25% of the army forces before the American Civil War of 1865. It was also the largest army installation in the continental United States between 1910 and 1945. Military aviation training began at the base in 1910. In 1911, effective Command Post Exercises were conducted at the base alongside large-scale troop manoeuvres. By the 1930s, Triangular Division was developed through field exercises.

In 1975 Fort Sam was recognised as a National Historic Landmark and added to the National Register of Historic Places list. The base has about 900 historic buildings and preserves a huge collection of military structures.

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Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

NAS Corpus Christi is home to the Chief of Naval Air Training, Training Air Wing FOUR, the Corpus Christi Army Depot and other smaller tenants. Pilots from the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and other foreign nations work toward their wings in the FOURS squadrons of Training Air Wing FOUR at Truax Field. While the overall command assignment is pilot training, the Corpus Christi Army Depot is the largest tenant command on the base. It occupies roughly 140 acres of NAS Corpus Christi and its the largest facility like this in the world. The depot is specifically designed for the modification, repair, retrofit, modeling, overhauling and testing of aircraft engines, helicopters and other parts for rotary wing aircraft.

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