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What Does A Covid

How the Army Supports You as a Parent | GOARMY

Groups are all autonomous and organising a broad range of activities, but most groups are currently organising activities including:

  • Creating leaflets and flyering to let people know about the group. Advice on creating leaflets is below. .
  • Providing a number for local vulnerable people to call if they need support.
  • Running errands/shopping for vulnerable people/self isolating people
  • Providing a friendly ear and some emotional support to community members who are self isolating or finding the pandemic overwhelming.

Liberty County Richmond Hill Fire Departments Finalize Mutual Aid Agreement

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. – Fire departments are always there to help the people in their communities. But what happens if theres a fire they cant put out alone?

Often, thats where mutual aid agreements with other fire departments come in. Two departments in our area have just finalized a deal to do that.

Liberty County Fire Services has mutual aid agreements with plenty of bordering fire departments, but they just now added one with Richmond Hill. This means that if theres a fire one of the departments needs help dealing with, the other department will come and help, free of charge.

Liberty County Fire Services Chief Brian Darby says the Richmond Hill Fire Department just built a new fire station off Belfast Keller Road – an area that used to be serviced by Bryan County Fire Services.

He says they still have an agreement with Bryan County, but that this new one with Richmond Hill beefs up everyones capabilities.

These mutual aid agreements create a SWAT team to come out for the fire departments. We all band together, we all know what the mission is. Its life, property, environment. We all come out and do that one job, and it just brings us all together, Chief Darby said.

Chief Darby adds that he can think of several times in the last couple of years that hes used these mutual aid agreements. Thats why hes so happy to have one with Richmond Hill: because he believes itll make both communities that much safer.

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Templates And Other Useful Materials

In addition to the template leaflets that can be found here and here, local groups have produced other documents that may be useful, including:1. GDPR Compliant Volunteer sign-up form To create your own version go to the page and insert the questions into a new, blank form.

2. A selection of important data protection documents produced by Uckfield Corona Virus support group .

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How To Run Your Meetings Online

To help prevent the spread of corona virus, were encouraging as much coordination to be done online as possible.

Many groups are doing this through WhatsApp chats, Facebook messages and phone conversations, but if you need to have a meeting we recommend using an online platform like Zoom which people can join from their computer or smart phone.

For details of how to set up zoom calls, go here.

For details of how to invite people to your call go here.

Top tips for having an online meeting are:

  • If youre hosting the meeting, log in little earlier to make sure the tech is working.
  • Have one person running the meeting and another person monitoring the chat box.
  • Anyone who isnt speaking should try to mute their microphone.
  • Get someone to take notes so that if audio quality dips at any point, people can catch up.
  • If your meeting is with more than a couple of people, we recommend using written signals in the chat box to let people know you want to speak. Ask people to put a * symbol or similar in the chat box so you know which order to take questions and contributions.

Were aware that not everyone has access to online video conferencing and encourage groups to set up a process for people who want to volunteer being able to contact the main group/receive information from your meetings to make sure your organising doesnt exclude anyone.

Managing Support Requests And Personal Data

Air Force Aid Society  Click4Good

We recommend keeping the management of requests as simple as possible. Ideally having a direct number or email that people can get in touch with rather than setting up web forms etc.

Its really important that requests are kept safe and confidential, both for legal reasons around data management and also to safeguard the most vulnerable. People who are suffering domestic abuse, those with vulnerable migrant status or in other precarious situations might feel unable to reach out if youre capturing data in a non secure way. Where possible, avoid unnecessary spreadsheets/storing of data and do support on a direct and 121 basis.

If you do make forms and spreadsheets, make sure that theyre protected by a password and that only a small number of trusted people in your group have access to them.

Some more advice on data storage can be found here.

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Navy Mutual Over The Years

1876After the Battle of Little Big Horn, widows and children of the fallen were left stranded in Montana Territory

1879Navy officers established the Navy Mutual Aid Association for the purpose of aiding families of deceased Members

1926After years of financial success, Navy Mutuals death benefit increased to $7500

1942Navy Mutual refused to adopt a war clause despite U.S. involvement in World War II

1950Under threat of nuclear war, Navy Mutual safeguarded Members personal records at a secure site

1963Navy Mutual opened membership to the U.S. Public Health Service

1972Navy Mutual opened membership to the uniformed officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

1980Navy Mutual opened membership to enlisted Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel

1993Navy Mutual headquarters were relocated to Henderson Hall, adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery

2001After the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon, the building Navy Mutual occupies was converted to a medical triage area for victims

2005Navy Mutual worked with Members impacted by Hurricane Katrina to help them avoid inadvertent policy lapses

2015Navy Mutual Board of Directors allowed Army, Air Force, and National Guard personnel to purchase Navy Mutual products


Setting Up Your Own Local Group

If you like what were doing and cant find a local group in your area, we recommend setting one up. This doesnt have to be done for your whole district, in fact the smaller the area the better. A whole street supporting each other could be even more effective than a district wide group.

This isnt about saving anyone, its common sense human values of neighbours and community members looking out for each. We want to both help contain the spread of the virus and support those most at risk.

You can set your group up in whatever way works for you, but we recommend setting up a communication platform like a WhatsApp group or so that you can communicate with volunteers.

Before setting up the local group remember that there will be existing community projects and support services in your area that will be working hard in response to the crisis. If you have a big volunteer basis in your group, we recommend reaching out and listening to the needs and wisdom of these projects and services rather than trying to start from scratch.

If youre the admin of a local group, please get one of your group members to join this group so we can share learning, resources and support.

More advice for local groups can be found on the FAQ page.If you need any help with technology while setting up and managing your group, you can get free support at Covid Tech Support.

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Honorable Board Members And Chairmen

  • Jack Neil Merritt was a retired U.S. Army four-star general who has served on the board of directors for AAFMAA since 2000 and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Finance Committee.
  • Robert W. Sennewald is a retired U.S. Army four-star general who served as chairman of the board for AAFMAA from 2000 to 2006.
  • Clyde D. Eddleman was a United States Army four-star general who served as chairman of the board for AAFMAA from 1962 to 1982.
  • John R. Guthrie was a United States Army four-star general who served on the board of directors for AAFMAA.
  • Walter T. Kerwin, Jr. was a United States Army four-star general and served as a member of the board of directors for AAFMAA from 1969, becoming its chairman in 1982 and serving until 1997.
  • Michael S. Davison was a United States Army four-star general and served as the vice chairman for AAFMAA from 1982 to 1997 and chairman from 1997 to 2000.

Army And Airforce Mutual Aid Association

Penn State World Campus Student Organizations

Our Mission To be the premier provider of insurance and survivor services to the Army and Air Force communities. Our Structure A non-profit, tax-exempt, member-owned association. Membership exceeds 83,000. The Association’s strong financial foundation is a result of careful investing of membership dollars. Our History The Army Mutual Aid Association was established in 1879 after the Battle of Little Big Horn, or “Custer’s Last Stand.” During frontier times when an officer died, the remaining soldiers would literally “pass the hat” to raise money for the surviving family. This system collapsed, however, with the Battle of Little Big Horn. There were too few survivors to pass the hat, thus leaving the deceased soldiers’ families in need. To remedy this situation, Army officers established the Army Mutual Aid Association.

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Other Network & Advisors Topics:

The Military Family Financial Readiness Coalition , generously funded by Wells Fargo, convenes both public and private organizations committed to the financial wellness and stability of military families.

The MFFRC provides an opportunity for organizations with a vested interest in the financial well-being of military families to share ideas, lessons learned, best practices, challenges, and opportunities to more effectively serve our families and respond to their evolving needs. In addition to informing the work of its participants in their financial education efforts and initiatives, the MFFRC yields actionable information that educates and informs policymakers.

Current participants:

  • American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association
  • American Bankers Association
  • Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education
  • Association of Military Banks of America
  • Bank of America
  • Loyola University Chicago Center for Veteran Protection and Advocacy
  • Military Family Advisory Network
  • Military Officers Association of America
  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  • National Guard Bureau
  • The Military Money Expert Lacey Langford
  • The Motley Fool Foundation

What Is A Covid

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Local Groups are small groups of people setting up independently in communities to support vulnerable people in their local area through the outbreak.

Groups are not being set up in a uniform way and each community is advised to do what is best for them. These resources are here to give you some advice and pass on ways of working. These groups are not officially affiliated with Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK and Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK is not a official organisation.

You can volunteer in a group whether you are fit and able to run errands or self isolating. A lot of coordination is being done through Facebook and WhatsApp group so if youre self isolating but feeling well enough to support, you can help with coordination of your local group whilst other people are out doing the physical activities.

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Where Are The Local Groups In My Area

The most up to date information is currently on the map.

Groups are being added all the time and you can register new groups here.

If youre the admin of a local group, please get one of your group members to join this group so we can share learning, resources and support.

In addition to local mutual aid groups that are forming, there will be existing community projects and support services in your area that will be working hard in response to the crisis and who may next extra support and resource at this time.

Assault On Richmond Hill Prison: A Delta Force Operation Gone Wrong In Grenada

Special Operations Warrior Fund  Click4Good

Members of Delta Forces B Squadron pose for a photograph along the shore in Grenada after the assault on Richmond Hill Prison. Sgt. First Class Mike Vining was the only Delta operator to bring a camera for the invasion. He took this picture with an old point-and-shoot camera using Ektachrome film. This photograph has never been published before now. Photo courtesy of Mike Vining.

On the morning of Oct. 25, 1983, nine UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters departed their forward staging base on the island of Barbados. They were headed toward communist strongholds situated in the Caribbean nation of Grenada. The first six helicopters carried 44 operators from Delta Forces B Squadron the US Armys crack-shot counterterrorism team specializing in hostage rescue while the remaining three were from SEAL Team 6, the Navys special missions unit.

While the SEALs moved off to secure Grenadas only radio tower and extract British Governor General Sir Paul Scoon from house arrest, the Army Special Forces soldiers continued onward to assault Richmond Hill Prison. The hilltop facility housed political prisoners detained after a bloodless 1979 coup detat.

The operators didnt have a blueprint of the prison layout, nor did they have air support. Theyd effectively flown into their objective blind and were caught off guard.

The secured crash site of Capt. Keith Lucass UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Photo courtesy of Mike Vining.

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Safeguarding And Data Protection

SAFEGUARDING: All local groups should read through this guide to safeguarding for mutual aid groups produced from by the National Food Service.

DATA PROTECTION: Do NOT pass on personal data from volunteers & those requesting help to anyone, especially other organisations or institutions. This includes making sure you do not pass on information to your local council or government body. Your council can support your group without needing to know specifics of who you are supporting directly.

A basic guide to data protection for mutual aid groups once again produced by the National Food Service is available here.

How To Avoid Spreading The Virus

GIVING SUPPORT: All local mutual aid groups need to PRIORITISE SAFETY. Community care is about preventing the spread of Covid-19 and providing support for the most vulnerable. All groups should follow Queercares guidelines on how to support others without spreading the infection.



  • Wash your hands thoroughly before taking leaflets out of the printer and put the leaflets directly into a ziploc bag .
  • Dont stockpile excess leaflets.

Distributing Leaflets It is important to follow safety guidelines when distributing leaflets to ensure that as far as possible we are not exposing people to the virus and putting anyone at more harm. Here are some guidelines that everyone distributing leaflets should follow. You should not do this if you are ill at all.

  • Do not leaflet if you are unwell at all, even if youre only experiencing mild symptoms.
  • Leaflets should be stored in smaller piles within ziploc bags
  • Listen to social distancing guidelines and dont leaflet in large groups. When leafleting in small groups, avoid physical contacts or exchanging resources.
  • Make sure to wash your hands well before starting leafleting and use hand sanitiser if you are able to at regular intervals.
  • Only one person should handle leaflets from each zip-locked pack, putting them directly from the bag through the door for each house and minimising contact as far as possible
  • Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished too

Distributing Posters

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Joint Base Myerhenderson Hall

As a result of the initiative to create more efficiency of efforts, the Army’s Fort Myer and the Marines’ became the first Joint Base in the . consists of military installations at Fort Myer, , , and . These installations and departments serve over 150,000 active duty, DoD civilian, and retired military personnel in the region.

Review Your Life Insurance Coverage

Crozier Family Home Makeover Finale

Many of us allow our life insurance to just remain as is, year after year, even when our lives have changed in ways that will effect how much coverage may be appropriate. The vast majority of servicemembers sign up for SGLI when they come on to active duty and don?t think about life insurance again after that. Others may have obtained policies from other life insurance providers, like Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association , Navy Mutual Aid Association, or USAA and as soon as the policy is approved, they put life insurance out of their mind. In the meantime, life may have changed to include a spouse, a mortgage, children and/or grandchildren, college expenses, etc. That?s why you should periodically review your life insurance coverage to make sure you have the appropriate life insurance for your current situation. Review your current level of coverage and type of policy you have. One thing to consider is whether you have a need for term insurance, permanent insurance, or a combination of both. Maybe you need coverage for a select period of time. If so, a term policy may be just the thing for you. If budget constraints are a concern, term may be the best alternative. Though permanent insurance generally costs more, it can assist in your long- range financial planning.

Ready to look at life insurance options?. Get free quotes today

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