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Who Needs Dod Information Assurance Awareness Training

Annual Information Security Awareness Training

DDoD 8570.01-M requires IA and related training for military personnel with direct access to sensitive forms of information systems . IS are systems that connect to, process, store, or otherwise come into contact with covered defense information. Per DFARS, this category mainly comprises controlled unclassified information , including but not limited to:

The parties for whom IA training is most critical and closely monitored and enforced are managerial and administrative staff, especially those involved in IT departments. But some form of IA training is required for nearly all military personnel, as they are all likely to come into contact with these information types. Critically, the same is true for most DoD contractors.

Dod Awareness Assurance Training And Compliance

Here at RSI Security, we understand how critical compliance is for DoD contractors but we also know that compliance is not the end of cybersecurity, just the beginning. Our talented cybersecurity team has provided managed IT and security services to companies of all industries and sizes for over a decade, helping protect the DIB sector and other critical infrastructures.

To recap from above, DoD information assurance awareness training is a critical program that is designed to ensure uniform and optimal cybersecurity awareness across all DoD personnel and stakeholders. Similar requirements exist for companies currently or hoping to work with the DoD as preferred contractors. Both the NIST and CMMC compliance frameworks have controls built in to inform training protocols. To ensure your cybersecurity framework is up to spec, contact RSI Security today!

Where Can I Take A Dod Information Assurance Training Course

Certification in Information Assurance is a mandatory requirement for security personnel with privileged access to monitoring, system control and administration functions. This aimed at providing effective security safeguards to data and user authentication mechanisms. The requirements are in compliance with FISMA regulations as well as the Department of Defense Directives 8140 and 8570.

The DoD 8140 is designed to train, certify, and manage IA personnel using an enterprise-wide solution. DoD-approved baseline requirements provide guidelines and procedures for training. In turn, IA certified security personnel help bolster information integrity and availability through controls, risk assessment, and management. The adoption of industry-wide standards circumvents ambiguity.

The DoD information assurance workforce incorporates contractors, military officers, Non-Appropriated Fund personnel, local nationals, and civilians. The duties may be carried out as an embedded role, full or part-time basis. A six-month time limit applies to all personnel when it comes to obtaining the baseline certification.

The directives stipulate that all contractors must hold the IA certification before resuming the contract work. Also referred to as the Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program, the DoD 8570 ensures that organizations in particular sectors apply risk management mechanisms to information systems.

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Do You Need Annual Information Awareness Training

For Department of Defense entities and contractors, annual information awareness training is essential to minimizing information security risks to the critical infrastructure they handle. Unaddressed threats to sensitive data within critical infrastructure could significantly impact national security. Read on to learn more.

Cmmc Situational Awareness Capabilities And Practices

SHARP Victim Advocate successfully meets training requirements during ...

Moving beyond the baseline Awareness and Training controls, the CMMC framework dedicates a domain to Situational Awareness, which is tailored to the companys own position. There is one Capability housed within Situational Awareness called implement threat monitoring, which is accomplished through three Situational Awareness Practices, beginning at Maturity Level 3:

  • SA.3.169 This requires receipt, confirmation, analysis, processing, and distribution of security information relevant to the company from various local and national sources.

The two Situational Awareness Practices required at Maturity Level 4 include:

  • SA.4.171 This requires the establishment and maintenance of a cyber threat hunting apparatus to mobilize threat intelligence in search of risks or vulnerabilities to mitigate.
  • SA.4.173 This requires the design, implementation, and maintenance of resources to compile and share information about indicators of compromise with all stakeholders.

Implementing these Practices to the Process goals of managed and documented, along with the AT Practices above, is critical to reaching the DoDs required thresholds for awareness. To help companies build cybersecurity architecture up to CMMC specifications and complete their assessments for compliance, RSI Security offers a suite of CMMC advisory services.

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Who Else Is Impacted By Dod Stakeholders Assurance Awareness

Internal managers and other staff employed by the military are not the only individuals whose awareness needs to be assured through training. Through different means, the DoD requires similar levels of training and awareness for all contractors it trusts with sensitive information.

Companies working with and for the DoD as contractors make up what the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has defined as the Defense Industrial Base sector. This sector comprises over 100,000 companies and subcontractors worldwide, according to a recent CISA estimate, and represents nearly every industry involved in research and development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of critical military supplies, products, and services. In other words, its the lifeblood of the DoD.

Every person involved in the DIB sector including all personnel and stakeholders at DIB companies is impacted by DoD information assurance awareness training in one way or another. One primary way in which this impact is felt is through analogous awareness training required for all DIB stakeholders through mandatory compliance requirements.

Speak With A Cmmc Compliance Expert Today Schedule A Free Consultation

RSI Security

RSI Security is the nations premier cybersecurity and compliance provider dedicated to helping organizations achieve risk-management success. We work with some of the worlds leading companies, institution and governments to ensure the safety of their information and their compliance with applicable regulation. We also are a security and compliance software ISV and stay at the forefront of innovative tools to save assessment time, increase compliance and provide additional safeguard assurance. With a unique blend of software based automation and managed services, RSI Security can assist all sizes of organizations in managing IT governance, risk management and compliance efforts .RSI Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor and Qualified Security Assessor .

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Relevant Cmmc Awareness Assurance Domains/practices

The other major requirement for future DoD preferred contractor status is currently still in an initial rollout phase. The DoDs Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment has compiled various NIST and other frameworks together into a single, omnibus framework called the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification .

Using the NIST SP 800-171 as one primary source text, the CMMC framework comprises 17 cybersecurity Domains, which house a total of 43 Capabilities, for general purposes. The Capabilities are accomplished by implementing 171 distinct Practices, which are analogous to the NIST SP 800-171 Requirements. Process Maturity goals also measure the extent to which Practices are institutionalized.

The CMMC is unique from NIST SP 800-171 in that it allows its Practices to be gradually adopted across five distinct Maturity Levels. Their respective focuses and goals include:

CMMC controls related to DoD Information Awareness Assurance Training spread across two Domains, with Practices spanning Maturity Levels 2, 3, and 4 lets take a closer look at them.

Cmmc Compliance And Annual Information Awareness Training

Army Cyber Awareness Month Training Video

The road to CMMC certification starts with implementing the controls stipulated by the CMMC, getting audited by a CMMC-approved external auditor, and finallybecoming CMMC certified. Ensuring your staff receives annual information awareness training is critical to long-term CMMC compliance and certification.

Achieving a fully functional DoD annual information awareness training program starts with implementing the recommended DISA training procedures. With the help of a CMMC compliance specialist, you can streamline all aspects of cyber awareness annual training.

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Dod Annual Security Awareness Refresher

This is an interactive eLearning course that refreshes students’ basic understanding of initial security training requirements outlined in DODM 5200.01 Volume 3, Enclosure 5, the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual and other applicable policies and regulations.


  • You may attempt this course an unlimited number of times.
  • This course contains a pre-test as well as a post-test.
  • You must receive a passing score on either the pre- or post-test in order to receive a certificate for this course.
  • You must print or save a local copy of the certificate as proof of course completion. CDSE does not maintain records of course completions.
  • This course is best viewed in Edge or Chrome. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer you may need to go to Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted sites and add “https://securityawareness.usalearning.gov/”.

    For User Not Found / Eams

    • Go to ICAM Portal and sign in.
    • From Sponsored Accounts tab they can click “Invite New User”
    • Fill out name and email address.
    • The submit the request and then the user receives email to finalize ICAM profile creation .
    • The sponsor confirms creation of ICAM profile and once the ICAM profile is created they should be able to log into EAMS-A sites again this may take up to a few hours after profile creation before it works.
    • After they’re in ICAM fully registered/sponsored, have them sign into Identity Management Portal as well.
    • Go to the “My Accounts” at the top
    • Select “Account Information”.
    • Verify their “Account Type” on the right, below the profile picture area.
    • If the account type is a mismatch for their correct persona then they must call AESD help desk and request to have that value corrected. As long as AMID and ICAM match persona types then that should fix the EAMS-A login issue
    • For questions in reference to online training PLEASE NOTE This mailbox can only assist with Cs.signal.army.mil. Please DO NOT

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    Your Guide To Dod Annual Information Awareness Training

    As a DoD entity or contractor, you need to understand the scope of the annual information awareness training requirements and which ones apply to your organization. So, this blog will:

    Compliance with the annual information awareness training requirements will help you stay ahead of cybercriminals targeting defense information. With the expertise of a CMMC partner, you can optimize your DOD annual information awareness training program and strengthen your overall data security posture.

    Infotec: Dod Information Assurance Training Location


    Infotec provides access to cost-effective IA certification and training solutions. The platform makes it easier to take advantage of the expertise of training coordinators and consultants. You can attend boot camps or take exams in various locations, including online, at your own premises, or Infotec facilities.

    All instructor-led courses include follow-on support, free training retakes, course materials, and a certificate of completion. Instructor-led classes are conducted online, offsite, or public schedule. Participants of virtual training gain access to live classes. This enables interaction with instructors from any location.

    Infotec employs well-trained instructors with years of experience in various IT fields. Class sizes are kept small to ensure better training experiences and outcomes. The flexible location arrangements are supported by an expansive Information Assurance course and certification catalog. Contact Infotec today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

    For more information about Infotec or any of our programs click here: .

    About the Author

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    Learn More About Cmmc Cyber Awareness Training

    Whether youre currently a DoD entity or contractor or looking to apply for a DoD contract, annual information awareness training will help you safeguard sensitive defense information. Working with a CMMC partner like RSI Security will help you hit the ground running in no time.

    RSI Security

    RSI Security is the nations premier cybersecurity and compliance provider dedicated to helping organizations achieve risk-management success. We work with some of the worlds leading companies, institution and governments to ensure the safety of their information and their compliance with applicable regulation. We also are a security and compliance software ISV and stay at the forefront of innovative tools to save assessment time, increase compliance and provide additional safeguard assurance. With a unique blend of software based automation and managed services, RSI Security can assist all sizes of organizations in managing IT governance, risk management and compliance efforts .RSI Security is an Approved Scanning Vendor and Qualified Security Assessor .

    What Is Dod Annual Information Awareness Training

    Any DoD entity or contractor that handles controlled unclassified information is required to implement DOD annual information awareness training for its staff who have access to systems containing the CUI. Although CUI is not considered classified information, wrongful and unauthorized access to its contents can threaten national security.

    • Critical infrastructure data related to nuclear, defense, and natural resources
    • Financial data related to tax records, patents, and sensitive financial disclosures
    • Documentation about international agreements connected to immigration and trade
    • Intelligence and global law enforcement
    • Data collected from various local and international government agencies

    DOD annual information awareness training is essential for staff who come into frequent contact with CUI categories, such as administrative, legal, and managerial staff. Certain military personnel who have access to documents containing CUI while on active duty may also be required to undergo information security annual training.

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    Navy Cyber Awareness Challenge Login

    All Four Military services require annual use of DODs Cyber Awareness Challenge. As the course is not CAC protected it can easily be accessed from nearly any government or civilian computerThe Cyber Awareness Challenge course address requirements outlined in policies such as DoD 8570.01M Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014, the Defense Information Systems Agency develops, maintains and annually releases the Department of Defense Chief Information Office sponsored Cyber Awareness Challenge course. Course content is based on the requirements addressed in these policies and from community input from the DoD CIO chaired Cyber Workforce Advisory Group . The course provides an overview of cybersecurity threats and best practices to keep information and information systems secure. Every year, authorized users of the DoD information systems must complete the Cyber Awareness Challenge to maintain awareness of, and stay up-to-date on new cybersecurity threats. The training also reinforces best practices to keep the DoD and personal information and information systems secure, and stay abreast of changes in DoD cybersecurity policies. Other agencies use the course to satisfy their requirements as well.

    Login to The Militarys Cyber Awareness Challenge

    Cyber Awareness Challenge Answers

    Basics Of Dod Information Assurance Awareness Training

    ESET Annual Cyber Security Awareness Training

    Companies that can lock down coveted preferred contractor status become eligible for lucrative opportunities both in the near and long term. To become eligible, these companies need to comply with various cybersecurity frameworks, such as the NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC. Both frameworks translate Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement requirements for data training and other areas into appropriate controls, keeping you on the same security level with the DoD.

    This blog will break down all you need to know about DoD training for yourself and third-parties:

    • What DoD information assurance awareness training comprises and who needs training
    • Relevant awareness assurance training specific requirements in the NIST framework
    • Other information awareness and assurance practices in the CMMC framework

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    For Troubleshooting Login Issues See Below:

    • If you receive a message about clearing your cache this is due to a cached login or expired session. Follow the instructions provided in the provided KB article for clearing the cache on your browser.
    • Use a different browser, this site is best experienced on Google Chrome or EDGE.
    • Remove army.mil from compatibility mode this has been found to cause issues with the redirect to EAMS-A.

    Cmmc Awareness And Training Capabilities And Practices

    There are two Capabilities housed within the Awareness and Training Domain of the CMMC: Conduct security awareness activities and conduct training. These are fleshed out across five Awareness and Training Practices, and the first two are added at Maturity Level 2:

    • AT.2.056 This requires that all administrators and other users with privileged access to sensitive information are made aware of all relevant risks and responsibilities.
    • AT.2.057 This requires that measures be put in place to ensure all administrators and users uphold information security responsibilities established in training activities.

    Then, there is one Awareness and Training Practice required at Maturity Level 3:

    • AT.3.058 This requires specific training modules or other practices to establish staff-wide awareness of threats and responsibilities related to insider threats and vulnerabilities.

    Finally, there are two Awareness and Training Practices required at Maturity Level 4:

    • AT.4.059 This requires specific training modules and other awareness-building activities related to APTs like social engineering and complex breaches. Training modules must be updated at least annually.
    • AT.4.060 This requires active, dynamic training sessions focused on current threat activity and actual recent attacks identified within peer or local organizations.

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    What Is The Cmmc Framework

    The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification framework was developed to help all DoD entities, contractors, and other stakeholders within the Defense Industrial Base handle CUI and other sensitive forms of defense information.

    The CMMC is a comprehensive framework comprising controls from:

    Evaluation of CMMC compliance is based on maturity levels, which depend on the types of defense information you handle. Entities that handle federal contract information will most likely require Level 1 CMMC certification whereas those handling CUI will require Level 3 CMMC certification or higher.

    At the higher levels of CMMC certification, DoD entities achieve robust protections.

    For contractors, CMMC compliance and subsequent certification helps you to renew your contracts and possibly be awarded other lucrative contracts. DOD annual information awareness training will most likely play a critical part in your journey to CMMC certification.

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