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Accept A Commission As A Us Army 2nd Lieutenant

Officer speaks with U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario following Va. traffic stop

The successful completion of the four-year Army ROTC program at The Citadel can lead to a commission in the United States Army as a US Army 2nd Lieutenant . This can be for either full-time service on Active Duty or part-time service with the National Guard or Army Reserve. To qualify for commissioning the Cadet must complete all the below criteria:

  • The completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree
  • Complete the ROTC Basic Course and Advance Course through Military Science Class and Military Science Training Lab, or authorized credit
  • Completion of the ROTC Advance Camp
  • Cadets must pass the US Army fitness test each semester and be in accordance with the Armys height and weight standards
  • Participation in physical fitness training two days a week
  • Attend the 4-day ROTC Field Training Exercise at Fort Jackson each semester
  • Must be medically qualified for military service from the Department of Defense
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be at least 17 years old at the time of start and under 31 years of age at the time of completion
  • Must maintain full-time enrollment at The Citadel, with a minimum of 12-credit hours in person
  • No felonies or domestic assault convictions

How Long Does It Take To Become A Second Lieutenant In The Army


The lowest officer rank in the U.S. Army is the second lieutenant. If an individual has at least a bachelor’s degree and meets the Army’s second lieutenant requirements, they can enter the Army at that rank with no wait time. There are other ways to obtain the rank of second lieutenant including ROTC, military academy and Officer Candidate School.


You can become a second lieutenant in the Army immediately if you meet the requirements or it can take up to four years while you get your undergraduate degree.

Etsu Rotc Program To Commission Graduates As Second Lieutenants

Representatives from ETSUs ROTC program help the crowd pay their respects at a ceremony on Veterans Day in 2021.

Family, friends and program supporters will gather this week as cadets in the Army ROTC Program at East Tennessee State University will be commissioned as second lieutenants.

The 3 p.m. ceremony is in the Brown Hall Auditorium, located on the universitys main campus along Stout and Sherrod Drive near University School, on Friday, Dec. 9.

Dr. Tom Kwasigroch, a professor in the Department of Medical Education and recipient of the Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam, will be the guest speaker. The winner of the Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medal, Kwasigroch taught at the Chemical Biological and Radiological Warfare School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The ETSU cadets to be commissioned are:

Brianna Roberts, who held the rank of cadet first lieutenant in the Buccaneer Battalion. Roberts earned a bachelors degree in rehabilitative health sciences and is receiving her commission as a second lieutenant in the Transportation Corps.

Shannon Elizabeth Parisot, who held the rank of company commander and battalion medical officer in the Buccaneer Battalion. She earned her doctorate in physical therapy and is receiving her commission as a second lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps.

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How To Succeed As A 2lt: Its About More Than Running Fast And Shooting Straight

As a lieutenant youre often left to figure it out in the everyday aspects of accomplishing your task list but in order to succeed as a Platoon Leader you need to do three things: be humble, care, and lead with character. While running fast and shooting straight are in fact necessary skills for all officers, they are individual tasks. They are not first and foremost what is necessary in order to win as a second lieutenant, especially as a platoon leader.

With regards to running fast, before you leave BOLC you take an APFT, this score will be asked for when you get to your unit. Meaning if you think you are going to show up and wow the commanders or other higher leadership with your PT skills dont be surprised to not be given the opportunity before being judged by your previous performance. You are judged before you walk in the door, and before you even lace up your running shoes. While PT is in fact very important it is something that you should already be prepared for, and already have demonstrated on your 1610 from BOLC. You must be fit, but that needs to be something you own as an individual and dont expect to improve on the ground when you get to your unit.

2LT Maddie Crimmins is a Field Artillery officer currently serving as a firing platoon leader in Alpha Battery, 1-38 FAR in Camp Casey, Korea. She holds a BS in Law from the U.S. Military Academy and is currently working on a MA in Diplomacy through Norwich University.

Where Does The Second Lieutenant Stand In The Army Ranks

Service  Second Lt. Dennis Binseel is a U.S. Army Reserve military ...


A second lieutenant in the U.S. Army is the lowest of the commissioned officer Army ranks. The second lieutenant rank stands above enlisted soldiers and warrant officers, but they’re subordinate to first lieutenants and higher-ranked officers such as captains, colonels and generals. Second lieutenants work as staff officers or command platoons.

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What A Second Lieutenant Does

A second lieutenant starts out as a staff officer, an administrative position. Eventually they transition to a more prestigious role, commanding a platoon of 15 to 50 soldiers. As platoon leader, the second lieutenant oversees training and leads the unit into action. The leader’s orders are executed by the sergeants and staff sergeants under them.

A second lieutenant serves as platoon leader for one to two years. Usually during that time they’ll receive a promotion to first lieutenant. Promotion normally happens 18 months after the lieutenant starts active duty or two years after they received their commission, whichever is earlier. However it is possible for the lieutenant’s superiors to refuse them promotion.

Died April 29 2005 Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom

Former S.C. State student killed in Iraq

Associated Press

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. When 2nd Lt. Clifford CC Gadsden left for Iraq, he told his mother he was mostly scared of one thing.

Im so afraid my sons not going to remember me, Minerva Gadsden recalled her son saying. That was his greatest fear. Now his relatives say theyll work to keep the soldiers memory alive.

The father of Karistophere, 17 months, and Kinshaza, 5, was killed by a truck bomb Friday while traveling in a convoy between Baghdad and Kuwait, his family said. The military has yet to confirm his death. The 25-year-old was based at Fort Polk, La., with the Armys 603rd Transportation Company.

As a child, the soldier closely resembled his father and namesake, earning his nickname that stood for Continuously Clifford.

While pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering at South Carolina State College, Gadsdens daughters birth set him on a new track, and he joined the Army ROTC.

He had other choices, his mother said. It was just a stepping stone. He wanted to provide for his little girl.

Minerva Gadsden said she recently sent her son an e-mail saying she believed there was a reason he was in Iraq, that he was meant to lead his soldiers and then return home to raise his children with his wife, Erica.

Now I dont know what the reason was, his mother said sadly. I cant even imagine.

Friends remember fallen S.C. soldier

Associated Press

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How Much Does A First Lieutenant Earn

Basic pay for an entry-level First Lieutenant with 2 or less years of experience is $4,006.50 per month.

A First Lieutenant receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years.Basic pay is only a small percentage of a First Lieutenant’s final compensation package.

In addition to a monthly basic pay salary, a Army First Lieutenant may be eligible for multiple types of allowances and bonus pay including hostile fire pay, education allowance, and more.

For full details on the Army’s First Lieutenant compensation and retirement plan, visit the 2022 Army First Lieutenant Pay Chart. A full table of the Army’s current paygrades are available at the Army Pay Chart.

Earn More Than Your Salary

Virginia Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Army Second Lt. Caron Nazario During Traffic Stop Fired

The Army provides bonuses, military allowances, and other benefits to help you earn more and offset the cost of living, so more of your paycheck stays in your pocket.


Bonuses are a great way for Soldiers to increase their pay. There are a variety of bonus opportunities including Quick Ship Bonus for reporting to Basic Training within 30 days of enlistment, as well as different job-specific enlistment bonuses. Bonuses


The Basic Allowance for Housing is given to full-time U.S.-based Soldiers when housing is not provided on base. The amount is based on location, rank, and family status. The Overseas Housing Allowance is also available to Soldiers based outside of the U.S. Plus, everyone who joins has access to better loans for buying or maintaining homes off base. Home Loans


The Army provides meals at dining facilities for enlisted Soldiers, at no cost. The Basic Allowance for Subsistence is a stipend of more than $250 per month provided to commissioned Officers, and to enlisted Soldiers who dont have access to Army dining facilities, to pay for food off base. In many cases, those who receive BAS can choose to pay for meals at Army dining facilities.


Enlisted Soldiers receive an annual clothing allowance to replace uniforms and uniform decorations.

Health Care

Comprehensive, quality coverage, for all Soldiers and their families, at no cost for those serving full-time and low costs for part-time service.Health Care

Education & Training

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Basic Allowance For Housing

Basic Allowance for Housing is a monthly payment meant to subsidize a servicemember’s housing while deployed. The amount of BAH received each month depends on the location in which they live.

The average Basic Housing Allowance for a Second Lieutenant with dependants is $1,768.81, or $1,516.08 with no dependants.

How Much Does A Second Lieutenant Earn

Basic pay for an entry-level Second Lieutenant with 2 or less years of experience is $3,477.30 per month.

A Second Lieutenant receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years.Basic pay is only a small percentage of a Second Lieutenant’s final compensation package.

In addition to a monthly basic pay salary, a Army Second Lieutenant may be eligible for multiple types of allowances and bonus pay including retirement benefits, education allowance, hazard pay, and more.

For full details on the Army’s Second Lieutenant compensation and retirement plan, visit the 2022 Army Second Lieutenant Pay Chart. A full table of the Army’s current paygrades are available at the Army Pay Chart.

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Army & Marine Corps Jrotc

Army and ‘s 2nd Lt. rank consists of one silver circle. The grade of Cadet Second Lieutenant is the first cadet officer grade of Army & USMC JROTC. At this rank a cadet Second Lieutenant usually serves as a platoon Commander. Cadet Second Lieutenants are to be referred to as “Lieutenant” by other cadets.

Becoming 2nd Lieutenant Army

Pakistan Army Second Lieutenant Hamza Yousaf martyer In PIA Plane

There are several ways to become a second lieutenant.

  • Attend West Point, AKA the United States Military Academy. Studies at West Point do double duty: students get a college degree and receive their army commission. When they graduate from the academy, they begin their army career as second lieutenants. Even as a student, West Pointers outrank NCOs.
  • Students at civilian colleges can enroll in ROTC, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. ROTC provides students with military instruction and leadership training. Like West Point graduates, an ROTC graduate will begin their military career as a second lieutenant.
  • Enlisted noncommissioned officers and civilian college graduates can apply to the Army’s Officer Candidate School. After 12 weeks of training, an OCS student graduates and receives their second lieutenant insignia.

Each path has its own requirements. To join Officer Candidate School, for instance, you must usually be between 19 and 32, a U.S. citizen and eligible for a secret security clearance. To enter West Point you must be between 17 and 22, a U.S. citizen and neither married, pregnant nor responsible for child support.

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Second United States Army

Second Army’s SSI Prior to 1950s

Second Army was most recently located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia as a Direct Reporting Unit to Headquarters U.S. Army, Chief Information Officer /G-6. Under the CIO/G-6, Second Army served as the single point of contact for Army missions and functions related to reporting on, assessing, planning, coordinating, integrating, synchronizing, directing and conducting Army network operations. This mission ended after a 2017 reorganization, when the Second Army was inactivated.

Thanks For Reaching Out

  • You’ll receive an email confirming your request

  • We’ll provide additional information about next steps

  • You’ll work with us to decide whether the Army is right for you

  • Questions you may have right now

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    Who will reach out to me?

    One of our ROTC recruiters will either call or email you to set up time to talk.

    What will you ask me?

    Our conversation will likely begin with some basic qualifying questions, like your age and education level. From there, the conversation will be about getting to know you and your goals for the future. Expect us to ask about your interests and skills so we can suggest Army jobs that might interest you.

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    How can the Army help me pay for college?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    What is the time commitment for part-time service?

    How can I prepare for the conversation?

    While we’ll ask you questions, this is your opportunity to ask some of your own. Here are a couple to get you started:

    Can the Army help me pay for medical school?

    Do I have to go to Basic Training?

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    United Kingdom And Other Commonwealth Countries

    The rank of second lieutenant was introduced throughout the British Army in 1877 to replace the short-lived rank of sub-lieutenant, although it had long been used in the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Fusilier and Rifleregiments. At first the rank bore no distinct insignia. In 1902, a single Bath star was introduced the ranks of lieutenant and captain had their number of stars increased by one to two and three. The rank is also used by the Royal Marines.

    New British Army officers are normally commissioned as second lieutenants at the end of their commissioning course at RMA Sandhurst, and continue with specific training with their units. Progression to lieutenant rank usually occurs after about a year. In the British armed forces, second lieutenant is a rank which is not used as a form of address. Instead a second lieutenant named, for example, Smith is addressed and referred to as Mr Smith, with the exception that the alternative titles ensign and cornet are still used. In the Royal Air Force, the comparable rank is pilot officer. The Royal Navy has no exact equivalent rank, and a second lieutenant is senior to a Royal Navy midshipman but junior to a sub-lieutenant.

    How Does An Army Base Salary Compare To Pay In The Private

    Windsor Town Council packed following traffic stop

    When you consider affordable health care for part-time Soldiers and free health care for full-time Soldiers, plus access to bonuses, allowances for housing, food, and clothing, opportunities to get a college degree without incurring debt, and more financial benefits, the Army offers a more competitive choice to similar civilian careers. Your Army base salary is just one part of the total compensation Soldiers receive. While civilian jobs may pay higher base salaries, the Army offers a starting salary above the federal minimum wage for a 40-hour work week, 30 days paid leave every year, plus a variety of benefits on top of your base pay that add up.

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    What Is Special Pay How Else Can I Earn Money In The Army

    Special pay is additional monthly and/or annual pay given to eligible active-duty Soldiers who perform certain specific duties, serve in specific geographic locations, work in various jobs called Military Occupation Specialties , or are given certain specific assignments. Along with special pay, you can earn bonuses for doing things like heading to Basic Training earlier or taking certain jobs.

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