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24 Hour Fitness Military Discount

Does Planet Fitness Have A Military Discount

We lived off military rations for a day (8,000 CALORIES) *24 hour MRE food challenge*

Planet Fitness doesnt offer a military discount, but its an extremely affordable gym with a huge national presence. Planet Fitness broad nationwide network of more than 2,000 locations offers a $10 month-to-month membership.

Its cheaper than most brands, even after their discount. The month-to-month membership flexibility is also ideal for military members who move around or deploy frequently.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Any Other Discounts

24 Hour Fitness does not offer senior discounts at any of their locations. However, they do have other membership deals for people of all ages.

Besides that, they offer discounts to military members, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and much more.

If you want to learn more about the deals at 24 Hour Fitness, you should contact them. The management will provide you with the latest information.

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About 24 Hour Fitness

With more than 400 exercise clubs across the United States, 24 Hour Fitness provides comprehensive wellness services to weekend warriors and serious athletes alike. Founded by exercise enthusiast Mark S. Mastrov in 1983, 24 Hour Fitness is known for its intense spin classes, its on-demand exercise sessions, and its outstanding staff of personal trainers. Whether you’re looking to get buff for the beach or you just want to lose a few pounds, 24 Hour Fitness has everything you need to get yourself in better shape today.

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Fitness And Leisure Discounts

Many gyms and health clubs have military discounts, with many of them proudly advertising those discounts on their websites and beyond. For instance, 24-Hour Fitness, which has branches all over the country, will not charge the initiation fee to people who hold a valid military ID. Other gyms offer discounts on services, memberships, and more. Golds Gym offers a 20% discount on all memberships.

Disney Parks and Cruise Lines also offer military discounts so that military members and their families can enjoy a great vacation. The discounts include price reductions on admission to the parks themselves as well as price reductions on rooms and more.

Finally, local attractions offer a number of discounts for military members, including frequent free admission days. Most of these are advertised.

How To Avail Of 24 Hour Fitness Military Discount

24 Hour Fitness Military Discount

As you know that for every new scheme or discount package there are some rules and regulations. When you are interested in a 24 Hour Fitness Military Discount, you just need to bring your ID card that shows your relationship with the military. Keep in mind that this facility is available on basic membership. Once you bring your ID for verification, you can get the 24 hour fitness veteran discountpackage on the basic membership plan.

It is the best place to keep yourself fit and maintain your fitness. As a military member, you can understand well the importance of fitness. When there is no fee at startup and you just need to pay your monthly fee at a 20% discount. So it is the right thing to do in time. Just join the membership today.

Furthermore, you can just try free of cost for 3 days. This is really amazing for you to enjoy after complete satisfaction. For joining the program you just need to click on the below-given button.

Dont delay more and enjoy these services now because these services are for a specific time. So dont stay behind and enjoy the 24 hour fitness membership military discount.

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Experience Maximum Savings With 24 Hour Fitness Coupons

Whether you want cardio, cycling, a pool, yoga or strength training, pick a 24 Hour Fitness coupon and use the 24 Hour Fitness coupon code or the 24 Hour Fitness promo code to get a discount. A 24 Hour Fitness coupon will help you spend less while receiving quality training. Once you pick your deal, you need to redeem the coupon to enjoy the discount that comes with the 24 Hour Fitness coupon code or the 24 Hour Fitness promo code you have selected.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Senior Discount

Fitness clubs around the world offer services other than ones related to physical health. For example, some centers have daycare for their members who are parents.

24 Hour Fitness is a famous chain that many people opt for in the US. If youre wondering whether they offer a senior discount, youre in the right place. Here is what you need to know.

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Use The 24 Hour Fitness Initiation Fee Discount

24 Hour Fitness is offering one free month and waiving the initiation fee on select monthly memberships. Depending on the location, membership fees typically range between $31.99 to $56.99 per month, which means this discount is a significant percentage off if you break things down annually. And with over 400 clubs in 11 states, there are plenty of location options available coast to coast. Be sure to note that this deal may only apply to select memberships and is not available to current members.

How To Cancel Your 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Bodybuilders try the US Army Fitness Test without practice

Having second thoughts about your membership? No problem. Here are the simple ways you can cancel your membership:

  • Verify your account information.
  • Ask to get a refund.
  • Online

    • Visit the Membership Cancellation page.
    • Select No Thanks if you want to cancel completely. You can also opt to freeze your membership.
    • Enter in your member details.
    • Follow the remaining instructions to proceed with cancellation.


    • Visit your local club to fill out a cancellation form.

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    What Is The Refund Policy At 24 Hour Fitness

    In addition to offering a free trial for three days, 24 Hour Fitness also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all personal training services. If you sign up for a personal training pack, attend all of the training sessions, and are not happy with the results, then you can request an immediate refund at your nearest club.

    Get $0 Initiation + $5 Off Monthly Dues

    On select basic memberships*. Bring your ID and save today.

    As a thank you for all you do, were offering deeper discounts than ever to active and reserve military, police offers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. Bring your ID into any club to unlock these incredible limited-time savings. Well help you live to your highest standard with workouts that challenge you. A community that welcomes you. And inspiration to reach for your best, inside our clubs and out.

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    How Much Does 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost

    The cost of a 24 Hour Fitness membership will vary based on the location, your membership tier, and level of access to other clubs.

    Heres an idea of what membership prices look like for Los Angeles locations:

    • National access to all clubs in the U.S. will be around $44.99/month plus taxes.
    • Regional access to clubs only in a 50-mile radius will be around $29.99/month plus taxes

    Usually, first and last months membership dues are also paid at registration.

    If you opt to pay for an annual membership upfront or commit to 12 months , you can save significantly on your membership.

    Bring A Plus One With The Buddy Pass

    24 Hour Fitness Military Discount

    For those who are already members, a huge 24 Hour Fitness perk is the ability to purchase a Buddy Pass. If you are a member and have an active 12-month Buddy Pass, you may bring a guest with you each time you work out,states this FAQ. Your buddy will need to arrive at the club with you and show a photo ID at the front desk. A team member will assist them in completing our guest check-in process.

    When you sign up for your membership, just add a Buddy Pass to your cart before you check out, or ask a 24 Hour Fitness team member at your gym of choice about the option. Think of it like a two-for-one deal every time you get a friend or family member to come out to 24 Hour Fitness and work out with you.

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    Cost Of A Normal Membership

    Costs for a 24-Hour Fitness membership vary by location and membership type.

    To register for a membership you must select from the following options:

    • Access Level-The access level gives you an option of only attending one club or multiple clubs. Not all locations offer One-Club options.
    • Payment Plan-24-Hour Fitness memberships offer the ability to make monthly payments or pre-pay the entire year for a discounted rate. The annual fee is charged regardless of the payment plan method you choose.
    • Memberships Plan-There are 4 levels of 24-Hour Fitness gyms: Active, Sport, Super-Sport and Ultra Sport. Each membership plan grants access to certain benefits listed above, as well as certain location levels. Read the Membership Details section of each choice for exact details.

    Depending on the options selected above, a single month can range from $31.99 a month to over $40.00 a month.

    24-Hour Fitness also charges an annual fee of $49.99, first and last months dues at registration on certain plans as well as an initiation fee with some plans.

    Other Ways To Get A Health Club Discount Or Save Money On Gyms

    • Student, Family, Senior Citizen discounts Many gyms offer reduced rates for senior citizens, students or family members.
    • Employer Discount Some companies partner with local health clubs to provide discounts to employees.
    • Low Income Discount Some gyms such as the YMCA offer low income or unemployed discounts.
    • Health Insurance Discount Some health insurance plans cover a portion or all of a health club membership.
    • Off Peak Hours Discount While often not advertised if some gyms offer discounts for memberships that can only be used during non-peak hours.
    • Warehouse Clubs Warehouse clubs such as Costco often times have discounted plans that can be purchased at gyms such as 24 hour fitness.
    • Community Centers Many community centers have fitness centers and often times great perks such as a pool or tennis courts. Typically the cost to join the community center is much less than a health club membership.
    • Colleges & Universities Check with the local colleges and universities as some allow general access at a low cost. If youre an alumni this may provide access as well.
    • Volunteer Volunteer at a YMCA or community center for the free access. Youre serving the community while staying fit.
    • Promotions There is always a gym membership promotion right around the corner for every holiday, month etc. If you can be patient wait for the next promotion.
    • Negotiate Know the competing rates and negotiate with the sales person. The quoted price is often only the starting point.

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    Champs Sports Military Discount

    Champs Sports is an American sports retail store and a subsidiary of Foot Locker. They sell apparel, equipment, footwear, and accessories. You can receive 15% off most purchases on champssports.com, up to a $100 maximum military discount per verification. Active duty personnel in any branch of the military, their spouse, and their dependents as well as retirees who receive military benefits, as well as their eligible spouses and dependents, qualify. Others may qualify if they receive military benefits.

    Save Big With Offers Available At A 24 Hour Fitness Center

    British Army | 2km run | Military Fitness

    Whether you are paying for your first 24 Hour Fitness class, renewing or upgrading a class, any 24 Hour Fitness deal you get can be quite useful since it will ensure you pay less than you expected. Some of the deals available at a 24 Hour Fitness center include student discounts, military discounts, and first responders discounts. First responders include firefighters, paramedics, medical practitioners, police officers, and rescuers. Those offers and deals can be used with a 24 Hour Fitness coupon code or a 24 Hour Fitness promo code to save more on the packages offered at the fitness center.

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    How Military Members Can Work Out Anywhere

    USAA members can work out just about anywhere with the Active & Fit Direct program. The program is just $25 per month . With your membership, you can work out at more than 11,000 fitness centers and 5,000 exercise studios, including many gyms listed above.

    The wide network of fitness centers offers a variety of options for health-minded members, including traditional gyms, yoga studios, cycling centers, fitness classes and more.

    Its equivalent to an all-access Black Card at any Planet Fitness location. It also works at the YMCA, Golds Gym, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and other popular gyms.

    If you prefer to work out at home, you can stream from the Active & Fit Direct programs more than 4,000 home workout videos.

    Active & Fit membership is nationwide. You can visit different gyms at any time, whether youre traveling on orders, on vacation or just mixing up your regular workout.

    In addition, the plan offers expansive discounts at other health-oriented businesses, including pharmacies, vitamin shops, and exercise clothing stores.

    Its simple to use with an easy online enrollment system. You dont have to set up a separate payment method you can just add it to your regular monthly USAA payment. We recommend joining on the first day of the month to maximize savings on USAAs billing cycle.

    Once youre signed up, all you have to do is show your Active& Fit Direct membership card at any participating fitness center.

    Hour Fitness Military Discount

    24 Hour Fitness supports the military by providing a membership discount program for active military personnel and their families. See club for additional details on discounts available. Visit the 24 Hour Fitness website for more information and to find a location.

    Military.com provides discount information as a service to our members. We make every effort to ensure accuracy, but are not liable for the availability of discounts provided by a third party. Discounts may vary by location. The discount provider may track how you navigated to their site, but we do not share personal information with them.

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    How Much Is The 24 Hour Fitness Membership

    The membership cost of 24 Hour Fitness varies depending on the type you are getting and club access. Currently, you have monthly fees and annual bill options at this fitness chain.

    If you are opting for single-club membership, then the fee will be around $40 monthly. This can vary depending on the location of the center.

    Meanwhile, the monthly national membership costs about $56.99. With this type, you will have access to all clubs of 24 Hour Fitness throughout the US.

    Some clubs also allow different ways to achieve membership for cheaper. Here is what you need to know about 24 Hour Fitness offering affordable options.

    Explore Your 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Discount

    24 Hour Fitness Offers Military Discount on Membership

    To promote wellness and a proper work/life balance, many companies provide their employees with corporate discounts. Before you sign up for a 24 Hour Fitness membership, be sure to check with your employer to see if they offer a discount. If they do, youll just need to get a hold of your companys corporate ID or 24 Hour Fitness discount code. Enter it on the 24 Hour Fitness corporate page and youll be on your way to paying less per month.

    Try 24 Hour Fitness For Free

    Do you need more time to decide about a membership? Take a full three days! With its free gym pass promotion, 24 Hour Fitness lets perspective members try the gyms facilities at no cost for yup, you guessed it three days. Theres no catch or discount code required. Simply fill out your information, choose the location and youll instantly receive your pass online. Just note that the deal may not be valid at certain locations and you cannot have been a member for at least six months prior.

    How Can You Contact 24 Hour Fitness Customer Support

    If you have a question about signing up for a membership, purchasing a personal training session, or buying a corporate gym subscription, then it’s best to call 243-5002. You can also speak with a 24 Hour Fitness customer support specialist via the online contact form on 24hourfitness.com. If you are an existing member of 24 Hour Fitness, then you can also contact support through the mobile app.

    Do Not Offer Military Discounts

    • 24 Hour Fitness
    • Bally Total Fitness

    The MIRRORThe MIRROR military discount offers active, reservist military members and their spouses, veterans, active emergency first responders and doctors, nurses and support workers 25% off the cost of The Mirror, 3 months free subscription, free delivery & installation. For promo code email or call at +1 288-1588.

    PelotonPeloton gives you an effective professional workout at home with state of the art bikes and treads. Stream on-demand and live instructor-led classes at home. The equipment and packages are not discounted, but military and veterans are eligible to receive a free essentials package with the purchase of a bike or tread. Get earbuds, one set of weights, and one pair of cycling shoes with the purchase of a bike, or resistance bands, two sets of weights, and an exercise mat with the purchase of a tread. The discount is not available online. To receive the discount, purchase must be made in a showroom, or call 1-866-650-1996.

    Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents, Police, Fire and EMT, Doctors, Nurses & medical staff are eligible for a one-time discount code.

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